AngularJS Deep Dive

I had been hearing about AngularJS more frequently through the various channels – Twitter, blogs, newsletters, meetups, podcasts, etc. – so about 18 months ago, I started looking into it. I dabbled here and there until I had the opportunity to work on an Angular app in production, which only furthered my interest. While looking for work earlier this… More

Master’s Degree Aspirations

I’ve decided to start chipping away at the prerequisites towards a Master of Software Engineering degree through Penn State. I have handful of classes to take at CU Denver before I apply to the program, which would give me enough time to pay off the rest of my Bachelor’s loans. I’m not looking forward to… More

Karten 1.1.1 Released

A new version of Karten has been released. Fixed warnings, cleaned up logic. Usernames are now optional. Instead of searching for a user’s/users’ recent media, you are now able to search for just a particular hashtag using the date ranges and count variable. It turns out the “Maximum number of posts” settings field is a… More

FluentConf 2015 Review

Denver Code Club, the technical study group I help organize, is sponsored by O’Reilly Media, a technical publisher. Among many other community-oriented things, O’Reilly hosts several conferences throughout the year in several locations around the country. This week I had the privilege of traveling to San Francisco and attending FluentConf, their annual event primarily dedicated to JavaScript and front-end web… More

Update hosts file for Laravel Homestead via Terminal

While playing around with Homestead, Laravel’s pre-packaged Vagrant virtual machine, the documentation suggests that when you edit Homestead.yaml and re-provision the vm,  you should manually edit the /etc/hosts file. I found that it doesn’t take advantage of the Vagrant Hostsupdater plugin. To (micro-)optimize my workflow, I’ve added a function to my .bash_profile: Now I can type hup… More

E-book Addiction

I recently upgraded from an iPad 2 to a iPad mini 3 Retina and have been on a e-book-buying kick. Despite my initial resistance, everything looks good on a retina screen and I’m amassing quite the library! As I come across interesting books, I am compelled to grab a copy. Sometimes the books will go… More

Introducing Karten

What is it, you ask? Karten is a WordPress plugin to plot Instagram photos on a Google Maps map. The plugin will go find all geo-tagged Instagram photos relating to desired user(s), hashtag, date range, start/end date, and/or maximum number of posts and plot them on a Google Map. Let’s see it in action: Karten… More