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I visited Jon’s site and he had posted about a site he had done years ago that hadn’t been touched until recently. In the post he references the website of the designer responsible for the redesign. Since I can’t leave comments on his site, I’ll write my own here.

The site in question: http://hshp.has.a.catchydomain.name/

  1. Is it 1998? This site makes me reminisce about my first site on AOL (Keyword: PP2): http://members.aol.com/CFreeOO7/home.htm. Shaken, not stirred!
  2. No HTML 4.0 site is complete without an image map.
  3. Love the domain name, very Web 2.0. Watch out, del.icio.us..
  4. Three out of the four listed sites under ‘portfolio’ are just implementations of WordPress , Joomla or some other CMS. Thank god for installation instructions.
  5. mmm, fake JS error…
  6. “Want HSHP® Enterprises to design your next site?” Hell yeah, Jesus rocks!

Jon listed all of the other impressive (read: decrepit) findings in his post.

This got me wondering if all my old AOL work was still available. I signed up for every free host service I could find, including Lycos, Angelfire, TheGlobe and FortuneCity. Unfortunately a lot of those sites have been decomissioned or my accounts have been turned off due to inactivity, so much of my early work has been lost to the ages…

Keyword PP2 didn’t work, and I remember that all new pages start with hometown.aol.com/etc, so I FTP’d into ftp.hometown.aol.com. I was able to find all my old work that I stored on AOL’s servers. I’ll be switching it over to my server once it’s rebuilt.

For now, check out some of my early sites:

  • ShellSeekers.net: A site I created for my Uncle’s business, online for at least two years starting in 1999.
  • Candlewood Lake Club: The lake club that my family belonged to obviously needed a web site, so another club member bought the domain and I began working on it before I got the approval from the Board of Directors. I never got the approval, but the domain is still around. Rockin.
  • Empire of the Rising Sun: My buds Ryan, Doug and I had to come up with a lesson plan to teach our BHS junior year history class for one of the book’s chapter sections. We decided on a web page. Note the “easter egg” at the bottom of page 3 (the journal page).
  • Creative Web Designs, Inc.: My first attempt at a web design firm. Some pages are missing, but it’s for entertainment purposes only.. Yes, I scanned in the logo.
  • Axion: This was a web site for one of my Starcraft clans, the game that pwned my free time for a good two years. Noteable is the email address I used for another clan (LOD): IO 007 ol@aol.com. Only the true l33t use an AOL email address.

Other amusing images:

What would I have done without Jasc Paint Shop Pro 5 and Microsoft FrontPage 3.0?

Good times, great oldies. Big D 103.

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