Spending spree

I might have to buy new pants after this weekend, because the money was burning holes in my pockets!

My co-worker, Zito, had given me a coupon for 10% any purchase from Best Buy for the Labor Day weekend sale. On Saturday I drove down (after hours of comparison shopping online) and said “I want that one!” The clerk rung up my new Canon SD630 digital camera and I was on my way. I haven’t gotten to use it much, but I am very happy with the purchase! Now I just have to sell my old HP 945xi to offset the cost.

I had been thinking about replacing my Compaq Presario V2000Z laptop and my Dell Dimension 3000 desktop (spare, server) with a Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro. The idea was to simplify my life and just have one computer for everything, rather than spread it out across computers… I was very indecisive on which MacBook to purchase, but in the end the differences were negligable and I went and bought a black MacBook out of the blue. I’m not sure if it was an impulse buy or an I-tired-of-changing-my-mind buy. Either way, I love it! I ordered two 1GB chips of memory so that should be here soon. Both the laptop and desktop (with the flat screen) have been sold!

I’m on the apple train!

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