Super vaccine

Title: The Super Vaccine That Protects You From All Types Of Flu For LIFE
Author: Jenny Hope


Researchers are investigating a more effective influenza (flu) vaccine that would eliminate the need for annual vaccinations. Rather than cater to the projected flu virus strain’s H and N outer-shell proteins, scientists are experimenting with a weakened smallpox strain to create a vaccine based on common internal shell proteins. While a titer would likely be occasionally necessary, this super-vaccine would allow for adequate availability and preparation for an expected flu pandemic.

History and Progression:
Although the symptoms are similar to those of the common cold, the flu virus is a relatively serious respiratory ailment that can result in pneumonia or death. Transmitted by airborne aerosols, blood and other potentially infectious material, influenza can enter the body through various portals and cause infection once exposed.

Since there are so many different strains of the influenza virus, it is considered difficult to prevent contraction using traditional vaccines. In addition to maintaining proper hygiene, there are two different pharmacological treatments for those exhibiting signs and symptoms: neuraminidase inhibitors and M2 inhibitors. The preferred treatment is neuraminidase inhibitors, as M2 inhibitors have proven to be 91% ineffective in recent years.

Preventative vaccines have been around for many decades, however the strains are mutating and therefore ineffective after a few years. The vaccine is created by cultivating the virus in hen eggs and inactivating it before administering it live. Because of the limited quantity of the slowly-produced vaccine, priority is given to high-risk candidates, such as the elderly, children, or health care workers.

It is possible to still become infected after being vaccinated, as the strain predicted for the vaccine may not be the same strain of exposure. It is not, however, possible to get the flu from a vaccination. Those that contract the virus after receiving a vaccine had not yet successfully built up immunity or were exposed to a different strain. Basically, the vaccine is not currently a cure-all.

Health Risk:
Strains of influenza are becoming more virulent and therefore more deadly. Statisticians predict that the flu could soon become a pandemic and many countries are frantically experimenting with the super-vaccine to prepare. Because of the limited quantities of proper vaccines, not everyone is getting proper protection.

One of the best methods to prevent disease transmission is personal hygiene, specifically hand-washing. The flu virus can easily be deactivated by detergent or disinfectants. The vaccine should be used in conjunction with common sense (hygiene) to most effectively prevent disease acquisition.

Many researcher groups are hard at work developing a super-vaccine. Some are even mid-trial with promising results. Unfortunately there is not yet a proven method for creating a super-vaccine, but such a development would relieve stress on pharmaceutical companies, allowing them to finally meet the needs of the community.

Positive Benefits:
Influenza-related sickness and death declination due to mass-availability and effective inoculations.

Negative Effects:
The super-vaccine may still not prevent all types of flu contraction.

Political Beliefs:
The government may not supply all residents with free vaccines due to possible financial concerns. This may result in a pandemic regardless of the existence of a proper vaccine. I believe that the government should provide all kinds of protection to its citizens.

Religious Beliefs:
I personally believe that people should take every advantage at their disposal. I’m confident that there are people who practice the belief that they should not poison their bodies with unnatural chemicals. They therefore wouldn’t accept the vaccine, which is foolish.

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