@DenverCodeClub’s Study Group

Today I started the second week of @DenverCodeClub‘s study group for the jQuery Hotshot book. It was held at Aspenware’s new HQ on Lincoln Street and I’d guess 25 people were in attendance. Basically we all show up and work on a chapter in the book on our own, each week being a new chapter. The chapters are self-contained projects, so each week is different. Every hour or so, Matt, the organizer, stops the group and checks in, making sure nobody is stuck. Since I want to learn more jQuery anyway, I think the study group is a great model; everyone around me is working on the same thing.  It’s nice to be around other people committed to furthering their careers.

7 thoughts on “@DenverCodeClub’s Study Group

  1. Good to see Matt Steele making a big difference in Denver. Code Clubs and study groups are a really great idea.

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