It can be frustrating when I write up a long and detailed post about my passion and it receives no immediate recognition. Then I realize how ridiculous that thought is and log out.

Since I post infrequently, about technical things and don’t have a large reader-base to begin with, it’s no real surprise that my work is uninteresting to the average visitor and goes largely unread. Using the Social plugin, I’ve taken steps to further my posts’ reach on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, a main factor in rebooting this blog was to avoid the current social media pitfalls – posts get one shot at visibility and if no action is taken at first (and, oftentimes only) glance, they are lost in the ever-growing news feed. Using Social, I can appeal to the short attention spans on social media and still maintain an archive of my thoughts and findings.

Every so often I look at the people around me, faces buried into their smart-devices, constantly consuming. Our culture has conditioned us into seeking validation in the form of Likes, Favorites, +1’s, and the like. Sadly, it can be addictive and, frankly, it makes me uncomfortable. Yes, I like when my work gets noticed, but that isn’t why I do the work. Topics that may be interesting to a fraction of the population are getting lost in the crowd far quicker in this knowledge-saturation era that we live in.

Regardless, I’ll be productively using this time of near-anonymity to refine my writing style, mostly for my own benefit. As per usual, this post will be broadcast on the usual channels (including the aging RSS feeds). This time, however, I won’t be constantly checking my phone for any love. If the post warrants it, the love will come.

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