My WordCamp OC 2014 schedule

I’ll be attending WordCamp Orange County (Fifth Anniversary Edition) this year (June 7-8). They just released the schedule and here are the talks I’ll likely be attending:

Saturday, June 7

  • Cain & Obenland In the Morning
  • UX for WordPress Platforms
  • Enterprise WordPress – Performance, Scalability & Redundancy
  • WordPress Community: Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Designing a Theme in the Browser
  • PHP Optimization
  • Contributing to Core: Hassle to Hobby – or – Rona’s Theme SASSificiation
  • Doin’ It with Admin Style

Sunday, June 8

  • Functions.php vs Plugins: The Ultimate Battle
  • WordPress Security Fundamentals
  • Build a WordPress Theme with Foundation and Underscores
  • Future of WP e-Commerce Technologies
  • UX and WP Product Design
  • Building a WordPress theme using AngularJS

I’ll be in the LA area for a few days, so let me know if you’re around and we’ll grab a beer.

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