Today I met up with the Node.js Denver/Boulder group downtown for a hack day.  Richard Lucas, who I had met awhile back at a Denver Code Club meetup, organized the event at Code Talent for 32 of us to meet and work our way through the various modules, with mentors wandering around to help out if necessary. If you’re unfamiliar, is a Node.js-based package that runs through the terminal. Each class has several exercises that you work through, oftentimes building upon the previous exercise. There are hints if you get stuck, but the exercises do encourage you to read the documents to better understand the lesson.

I worked my way through the 9th lesson of the first exercise, Learn You the Node.js for Much Win! Nodeschool’s guided hands-on teaching method is a fantastic way to learn Node.js and I can’t wait to dive back into the lessons when I find some free time. Check out my progress over on Github. Thanks again to Richard and Code for providing a great space for us to come together and learn.

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