E-book Addiction

I recently upgraded from an iPad 2 to a iPad mini 3 Retina and have been on a e-book-buying kick. Despite my initial resistance, everything looks good on a retina screen and I’m amassing quite the library! As I come across interesting books, I am compelled to grab a copy. Sometimes the books will go unopened for a few months, but I always get to them.

Here’s my current queue:

Tech Books

Currently Reading

Next Up

There’s always more to learn! I’m sure this list will change by next week.

In My Free Time

Non-Tech books

I know, right?

Recently Finished

These books were fascinating and I had trouble putting them down once I started.

Next Up

I wish I had more time to read – commuting on the light rail was great for this. While it can become costly, spending money on (e-)books is something I can justify, as I’m investing in my education and my career. I may need to implement a queue cap, something like a max of 10 books at a time. Besides, I can think of many worse things i could be spending money on.

Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think? Have any suggestions for the queue?

2 thoughts on “E-book Addiction

  1. Great List! My queue looks like this:

    Responsible Responsive Design
    The Whiskey Cabinet
    Alan Turing: The Enigma

    Not quite as long as yours, but quite a bit of concurrent reading!

    1. ng-book is great, so far – I’m really liking it. The Turing book looks pretty good, I might have to add that đŸ™‚

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