Every few months I’ll think of an idea for a great blog post, create the draft in WordPress, and go on about my day. Sadly, days, months, and years have gone by without revisiting these ideas. The truth is that I’ve been so busy absorbing all kinds of interesting things while working at Kenzan, my… More

E-book Addiction

I recently upgraded from an iPad 2 to a iPad mini 3 Retina and have been on a e-book-buying kick. Despite my initial resistance, everything looks good on a retina screen and I’m amassing quite the library! As I come across interesting books, I am compelled to grab a copy. Sometimes the books will go… More

iPhone Reboot

I sent my iPhone 5 in the be fixed and they gave me a 16GB reformatted loaner phone. Since my phone has 32GB of storage, I couldn’t restore the loaner with a full iCloud backup. Here are the apps that got me through the week. To me, it’s a statement on how little I need… More

Github Contributions: More than meets the eye

I have a few unemployed friends who have been searching for jobs lately and many companies are requesting links to their Github accounts, but I always found the Github “Contributions” chart to be misleading. Here’s a public screenshot of mine, for example: It looks like I have a few days of heavy work but then forget about Github for long… More

Practical Examples of Recursion

While a member was preparing for a code interview last night, Denver Code Club had a great discussion on recursion, though we were limited to only having a few practical examples of it. Have you used recursion outside of the classroom? Provide a pull request of your example.

Friendfeed? What??

Remember Friendfeed? Probably not.. It never really went anywhere. It basically took all your social site feeds, like Flickr uploads, blog updates, Youtube favorites, LinkedIn updates, etc, and made them into one big feed for your friends to see. Lovely. I’m not sure how long Facebook has been doing it, but I found out tonight… More

Seizure later!

Title: Epilepsy Drug Could Reverse Early Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease, Say ScientistsAuthor: Fiona Macrae Summary: Researchers have discovered that mice, with early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, have shown improvements in memory and slowed disease progression while being administered valproic acid. The studies have been so successful that there are human trials in progress with results… More

I’m bored… wanna map genes?

Title: Human Genetics Is Now A Viable Hobby – 23andMe Cuts Its Price To $399Author: Aaron RoweSummary: Genomics company, 23andMe, has lowered its on price on their genome scan kit, allowing more people to participate in advanced research. Thanks to advances in microarray chip technology, people can learn about their personal genetic makeup and theoretically… More