Karten 1.1.1 Released

A new version of Karten has been released. Fixed warnings, cleaned up logic. Usernames are now optional. Instead of searching for a user’s/users’ recent media, you are now able to search for just a particular hashtag using the date ranges and count variable. It turns out the “Maximum number of posts” settings field is a… More

Introducing Karten

What is it, you ask? Karten is a WordPress plugin to plot Instagram photos on a Google Maps map. The plugin will go find all geo-tagged Instagram photos relating to desired user(s), hashtag, date range, start/end date, and/or maximum number of posts and plot them on a Google Map. Let’s see it in action: Karten… More

Google Authenticator for WordPress

After a friend’s recent scare with a Twitter account hijacking, I enabled two-factor authentication for all my accounts that offer it. This plugin allows users to easily enable enhanced security for all users of a WordPress site using the Google Authenticator app. Highly recommended!