FluentConf 2018 Review

Back in April of this year I responded to a tweet from O’Reilly by tweeting my own advertisement for FluentConf, their annual web conference: Send me to #FluentConf and #VelocityConf! I can’t wait to see everyone, including @scottdavis99, @doctorow, @holtbt, and @kyleshevlin. Do yourself a favor and grab a #SuperBronze pass: https://t.co/HDBvzAbbJW — Craig (@craigfreeman)… More

FluentConf 2015 Review

Denver Code Club, the technical study group I help organize, is sponsored by O’Reilly Media, a technical publisher. Among many other community-oriented things, O’Reilly hosts several conferences throughout the year in several locations around the country. This week I had the privilege of traveling to San Francisco and attending FluentConf, their annual event primarily dedicated to JavaScript and front-end web… More

Update hosts file for Laravel Homestead via Terminal

While playing around with Homestead, Laravel’s pre-packaged Vagrant virtual machine, the documentation suggests that when you edit Homestead.yaml and re-provision the vm,  you should manually edit the /etc/hosts file. I found that it doesn’t take advantage of the Vagrant Hostsupdater plugin. To (micro-)optimize my workflow, I’ve added a function to my .bash_profile: Now I can type hup… More

A Baseline for Front-End Developers by @rmurphey

A great resource to compare your developer skill-set against. I’m amazed at how fast this community changes; how fast tools and frameworks are replaced. Remember when the ‘webmaster’ did everything? It’s great to be diverse, but at some point we’ll all have to start specializing.

Using Git on Bluehost

I recently decided to put some of my old projects into Git repos in order to more easily update changes on the various environments that the projects live on. The most common scenario would be to make changes locally on my MAMP server, push the changes to a private repo hosted by Bitbucket, and pull… More